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5 Rock Climbing Tips

Rock climbing can be a fun sport for endurance and adventure. Whether indoor or outdoor, it requires strength, balance, and technique. If you are interested in rock climbing or are a beginner, it does not hurt to check out a few basic tips and tricks. Once you become comfortable and stronger, you won’t even need our advice!


#1: Don’t forget to stretch. A good warm up improves circulation and flexibility, which can help you with your technique. It can also help prevent an injury.

#2: Do not over-grip. It is important to relax, as you do not want to wear yourself out before getting really into your rock climbing workout.

#3: Keep your body close to the wall, as it can help you to keep your balance.

#4: Climb at your own pace. This is not a race! You want to go fast enough to keep the momentum going, but not so fast that you lose your grip or balance.

#5: Practice your fall. Yes, you heard correctly! Practice your fall before diving into this activity. As a beginner, you will fall – probably more than you realize! Falling “correctly” can help you to avoid any injuries or surprises.

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